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Kitchen trash cans are essential items that keep any kitchen clean and hygienic. With at least one in every household, the market for kitchen trash cans keeps expanding as new methods are being investigated to make your life simpler. With an abundance of options, you may choose to stay with a traditional swing top lid for easy disposal or try the new sensor trash cans that bring a premium experience into your kitchen. With these new advances in technology, there are a huge variety of features on offer, however, this can make it difficult to know what is necessary for your lifestyle. A good quality kitchen trash can is vital for busy families, offices, and more, to ensure your area stays sanitary and easy to clean. We have reviewed some of the best on offer, to ensure your trash can withstands the test of time and stays in your kitchen or office for years to come.

iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can & Recycle Bin

iTouchless has an extensive range of household and office trash cans to choose from. It’s no wonder they are our best pick, thanks to the two compartments on this 16-gallon choice, it makes recycling so simple!

Best Pick


Umbra Grand 10-Gallon Swing-Top Trash Can

The Umbra Grand 10-Gallon trash can is perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance, affordable choice, all thanks to its classic swing-top design.

Budget Pick


1. iTouchless 16 Gallon Dual Step Trash Can & Recycle Bin

iTouchless has taken the market by storm with its revolutionary kitchen trash cans, and this 16-gallon dual step can is no different. This can features two removable compartments, with a capacity of 8 gallons each, they are controlled by separate ergonomic pedals for easy disposal of food. One bucket has been designed in a blue color to identify which side is for recycling and which is for general garbage; separating recycling has never been so quick and easy! To prevent germs from spreading, this trash can has been equipped with a  pedal design to stop bacteria reaching your hands and the lid has been fitted with a tight seal to stop odors from escaping. To complete this can, it has been manufactured from brushed stainless steel and is fingerprint and smudge resistant.


  • Full-service manufacturer’s promise
  • Rectangular step design for easy storage
  • Fits standard 8-10 gallon plastic trash bags (No custom sizes required)
  • 16-gallon capacity
  • Air damper is simple and easy to replace

Why we liked it:

We love that iTouchless have color-coded this trash can, making it so easy to separate your recyclable household items.

2. iTouchless SoftStep 13.2 Gallon Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

This iTouchless step kitchen trash can has a large capacity of 13.2 gallons, ideal for any household. If you are planning to use your new stainless steel trash can more than the average family, this is a product we highly recommend as it has been designed to last for over 200,000 steps. That’s more than 20 steps per day for over 25 years! This is a durable, sturdy trash can that is built to last for years. The SoftStep can is equipped with a removable inner bucket, a mode for the lid to stay open, and an advanced odor control system. Odor systems like the one included, neutralizes any smells and germs from your rubbish, for up to 3 months! This is a great option for anyone, especially if you have young children, you can sleep easy knowing your kitchen is sanitary.


  • Rubber pads best for preventing movement
  • Compatible with standard 13-gallon trash bags
  • Odor filter
  • Fingerprint-proof
  • Full-service warranty

Why we liked it:

This garbage can offers a sanitary and safe experience for all households with its odor filter, proven to prevent bacteria from growing and spreading.

3. simplehuman 50 Liter / 13 Gallon Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash Can

This 13-gallon semi-round step trash can has been crafted by Simplehuman to offer a large capacity can that is great for families and big households. Its lid features a locking mechanism to stop young children and pets from accessing the rubbish, and a wall bumper to prevent the lid from hitting the surface behind it. This is a truly practical option to have in your kitchen, and its durable construction means it is easy to clean too! This Simplehuman trash can has been designed to fit custom liners to enhance your experience and make it cleaner. This is the best trash can if you are on a budget and want to please everyone, it even has a soft close lid to stop the loud noise of a lid banging closed.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Step pedal design
  • Easy to maintain plastic construction
  • Space-saving design
  • capacity of 13-gallons

Why we liked it:

We love that this Simplehuman trash can because it comes with a 5-year warranty to ensure peace of mind when purchasing your new kitchen essential.

4. iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter

Another iTouchless product has made it onto our list, and for good reason. This sensor-operated trash can has an extra-wide opening of 12”, a capacity of 13-gallons, and is fitted with 1 natural carbon odor filter. Although the price will reflect these fantastic benefits, it is arguably worth the extra dollar for enhanced safety features and new sensor methods. While it is battery operated, iTouchless has claimed that power is only used when it is needed and can last up to 1.5 years. They also offer the option of an ac adapter that is sold separately. You can store this item anywhere thanks to its space-saving rectangular shape, ideal for tight spaces and corners. This stainless steel can is germ resistant, fingerprint-proof and can fit standard 13-gallon trash bags making this ideal for a household that is looking for an all-round low maintenance option.


  • 2-year manufacturer service promise
  • 1 natural carbon odor filter
  • Extra-wide lid
  • Sensor operated
  • Long battery life and option to purchase an ac adapter

Why we liked it:

This is a fantastic garbage can for large families that need a hygienic and low-maintenance option in their kitchen, thanks to the wide lid and sensor technology.

5. GLAD GLD-74507 Extra Capacity Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

GLAD has created modern step trash can with a substantial capacity of 20 gallons, ideal for a large office, families and so much more! It can be used with standard 20-gallon bags, which can be stored in a rear compartment at the back of the can for easy dispensing when replacing bags. A sleek and hidden bag ring keeps these bags secure and steady while you fit and use your trash can. With Cloroxtm odor protection technology, these trash cans prevent smells and bacteria from growing on your garbage can and in your home. When you are finished throwing away your garbage, this can has a soft close lid for minimal disturbance and gentle experience. It is hard not to like these stainless steel trash cans, however, if you don’t love it, GLAD offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.


  • Incredible 20-gallon capacity
  • Odor protection
  • Convenient trash bag storage compartment
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Soft-close lid

Why we liked it:

This GLAD design is fantastic and offers the largest capacity on our list. This is the best trash can for offices and households that go through a lot of rubbish and change their bags regularly.

6. Umbra Vento 16.5-Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Large

Umbra has created a stunning trash can that is perfect for a contemporary kitchen or office setting. With a swing top design, it’s easy to dispose of food and hide what is inside this 16.5-gallon can! Constructed from highly durable polypropylene plastic, this stable can is simple to clean with a soft, damp cloth and can be used with standard 20 or 30-gallon trash bags, making it a low maintenance option for your home. With its durable neck ring, plastic trash bags are held in place securely and allows for easy removal of rubbish when the can is full.


  • 5-gallon capacity
  • Swing top style
  • Contemporary look
  • Ringneck holds bags in place
  • Use with 20 or 30-gallon bags

Why we liked it:

We never thought a garbage can could look so good!  This is a truly contemporary design and available in three stylish colors.

7. Safco Products Open Top Trash Receptacle with Liner 9921BL

This is a stylish, open top trash can suitable for a modern setting be it in an office or your home. This is ideal for everyone, thanks to its large 14-gallon capacity, and a hands-free experience when you dispose of your rubbish. With a peel-resistant rigid plastic liner, the black trash bag is hidden and this low maintenance can is easy to wipe clean in seconds, thanks to its puncture-resistant steel frame. This is a dependable trash can that you can rely on for years due to its durable powder coating on the frame, it is resistant to chipping and scratching.


  • 14-gallon capacity
  • Open top design
  • Hands-free disposal
  • Hidden trash bag
  • Puncture resistant frame

Why we liked it:

The steel frame on these kitchen trash cans provides a revolutionary solution to a kitchen can become scratched and chipped due to excessive use.

8. Ninestars DZT-50-13 Automatic Touchless Motion Sensor Oval Trash Can

Our next trash can is a high-quality brushed stainless steel sensor trash can, equipped with additional open and close buttons for full control when necessary. Providing a 13 gallon capacity and a removable ring liner that secures the trash bag for a neat appearance and easily removable, it’s ideal for a family kitchen. The infrared motion sensor is water-resistant, preventing spills and moisture from causing damage to the item. The thoughtfully designed lid has been equipped with a quiet closing function; not only does this minimize disturbance but it also extends the life of the product.


  • Fingerprint-proof
  • Fits standard black plastic bags
  • 2-year warranty
  • Water-resistant sensor
  • Open and Close buttons for extra control

Why we liked it:

This trash can is fantastic as the sensor technology has been made waterproof to prevent liquids from your rubbish damaging the can. Additionally, thanks to this technology the can is less likely to spread germs as the lid stays shut, keeping odors locked in.

9. Umbra Grand 10-Gallon Swing-Top Trash Can

Another Umbra creation that is perfect for someone looking for a long-lasting, affordable trash can, with a versatile design. Constructed from durable recycled polypropylene, it is easy to clean and maintain with a damp cloth. Its simplistic design is highly effective, allowing for a 10 gallon capacity and suitable for a range of environments from your home to the office, or even outside! Due to the swing top method, it is very simple to dispose of rubbish and provides a hands-free experience preventing cross-contamination of bacteria, while still hiding the garbage.


  • Fits standard 13 gallon trash bags
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Swing top design keeps your kitchen sanitary
  • Suitable for a range of environments

Why we liked it:

This Umbra can is ideal for families on a budget; with a durable and reliable plastic construction it is so simple to maintain in your home.

10. AmazonBasics D-Shaped Soft-Close Trash Can - 50L

AmazonBasics have created a step trash can that is ideal if you are limited with space. Thanks to its half-round design, it is easy to find a place for this item, especially in high-traffic areas as people can simply slide passed without it causing too much disruption.  Manufactured from brushed stainless steel, it is fingerprint and smudge resistant and has a capacity of 13 gallons of garbage. This can is best as it features a foot pedal design, which allows you to enjoy a hands-free experience, preventing your kitchen and hands from becoming contaminated with bacteria. Removing the heavy-duty inner bucket is simply, as the non-slip rubber pads on the base stop the can from moving around while you take the garbage out. When you have easily replaced your trash bags, the lid is equipped with a soft close function, reducing noise and extending the lifespan of this trash can.


  • 13 gallon capacity
  • Heavy-duty inner bucket
  • Soft-close lid
  • Non-slip pads on the base
  • Foot pedal design

Why we liked it:

The AmazonBasics trash can is a practical option that is beautifully designed to fit almost anywhere, from high-traffic offices to small, compact kitchens.

Buyers Guide

 A kitchen trash can is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in any home or office. They allow for easy disposal of our packaging, waste food, and so much more, and due to this they need to be able to withstand large quantities of garbage and fit in a convenient place. There are a few factors to be aware of when purchasing your new trash can, including shape, material, capacity, and even lid design. In this guide, we will take you through the key aspects to ensure you are buying the right trash can for your room, lifestyle, and needs.

Lid Design

The lid on a kitchen trash can is arguably the most important element on the item, this is because it is the access point and the area where you will dispose of the rubbish. If the lid is poorly designed it will be difficult to dispose of rubbish and you may be transferring germs and bacteria from your garbage to your hands, and therefore, around your home or office.

There are a few popular designs that you may come across in your search for a new trash can. These may include, a swing top, open top, pedal, push mechanism, and a sensor-operated can. They all have pros and cons, but as a rule of thumb, the most sanitary option is a trash can that provides a hands-free experience, the foot pedal and sensor designs are great examples of this. A high-quality trash can needs will last a long time and will not need to be replaced, unfortunately, this often can come down to how the trash can is interacted with. For example, foot pedal designs are effective however, if you have a lot of people using the trash can someone may be too rough with it and after a short time, they can become worn out and broken. On the other hand, while the sensor can prevents human touch, it is vital that no one forces the lid open or closed as this will certainly cause the can to stop working.

When it comes to an open top design, they are great in an office environment where there is a lack of smelly foods. Although it allows for hands-free experience, the odors could easily escape and release bacteria into the air. This takes us onto odor control. If you are in need of a trash can that is suitable around children and young people, choose the one that is fitted with an odor filter. These are proven to absorb and neutralize odors and prevent germs from spreading and causing illnesses.


It is important to know what material your kitchen trash can needs to be, as different materials will be suitable for different lifestyles. Below are the two most popular materials for any garbage can and if it will be suitable for you.

Stainless steel – A steel trash can are known for being highly durable and can usually withstand larger capacities of garbage. Many of these cans are fingerprint and smudge-proof and adopt a very contemporary design, making them a more attractive purchase.

Plastic –  A can made out of plastics is ideal if you are on a budget as they tend to be cheaper than the metal alternative. While they are very easy to keep clean with a damp cloth, it is important you get a durable plastic, as the lifespan of these trash cans tends to be shorter than a steel one.


If you are in a busy household, or you have a large family, you may find you change your trash bags frequently during the week. If this is the case, you may want to choose a larger capacity trash can, from  14 gallons to 20 gallons, as this will provide you with adequate space and will lessen the time spent taking the bins out. Additionally, we recommend choosing a garbage can that takes standard capacity trash bags. Custom-fit bags are more expensive and harder to find, causing more hassle when your trash can is full.


No matter what material or opening function your kitchen trash can is designed with, it is an excellent idea to get a warranty. The best kitchen trash cans are meant to last for years in your home and to extend its life span a warranty is essential. This can be anything from a 5-year to a 10-year warranty, whichever you choose, you will be covered in case your kitchen trash cans become damaged.

To conclude, it is important to choose a garbage can that works seamlessly around your lifestyle and home or office. It is vital that it highly-functional and has a long lifespan to prevent the need for another can. With the kitchen being the heart of the home it is good to take some valuable time to consider your options and choose a kitchen trash can that is the perfect shape, capacity, and material for you, your family, and your life. You can use our helpful, comprehensive guide to take you through the process and find the best kitchen trash can on the market.

Did you know?

Trash cans are available in a huge variety of shapes, including rectangular, round, half-round and many more. Make sure you evaluate the space where yours will go and choose the most space-efficient shape for you.

Expert Tip

Most trash cans that are designed with a step pedal function become worn out and damaged after about 150,000 steps. If you’re going to use your can frequently, or have a large family, opt for one that offers more than 150,000 steps and a longer life, such as the iTouchless Soft Step 13.2 gallon trash can.